Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All Aboard!

We made good use of MLK Day last week by going on a GoSeeIt with Ty's Cub Scout Den. We went to the Museum of Transportation (because, really, what boy doesn't love trains & planes & cars & stuff?).

Did I mention that we are beginning to enter that phase where Mom & her camera are not always entirely cool? He humored me, anyway. Sweet boy.

Our whole family went, which is something I love about Cub Scouts. When one kid joins, the whole family joins too. It's fun.

Of course, Riley absolutely had to do everything that the big kids did. Here he is, trying to ring the bell. (Sorry, Sweetie! You need to gain a little weight first... so eat those veggies!)

They have some pretty cool trains there. I believe this is the one they called "Big Bertha." It's ginormous.

This was an old passenger train.

This is what they used to use to clear the tracks (of snow, & other debris). It's quite large.

They have a bit of risque St. Louis history inside the auto museum. In case you're not familiar with it, this is an actual piece of the Coral Court Motel. It was the last motel in St. Louis to rent rooms by the hour. Ahem.

We ran into my step sister there, too! She was doing some extra credit for school (way to go!).

And, there were two signs I couldn't resist sharing with you.

The first is an advertisement that was on the side of a very old delivery truck:
So, apparently, if you take this all-vegetable laxative, your blemishes will disappear over night. I wonder where they go? Hmmmmmm....

And this... well, it pretty much speaks for itself. Although I'm not sure why they needed to attach it to the back of a train.
Words to live by, my friends. Words to live by.


Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

"do not hump"- hee hee!

Idgie said...

Great pics! Matt and I went there for the first time last fall, and we really enjoyed it. I didn't realize how huge the place was! Talk about a workout!
I love the laxative sign...all kinds of wrongness there!

Heather said...

well that what I have been missing to keep my face clear! wow! thanks!

those shiny boys sure are scrumptious!

looks like you had a blast