Monday, January 4, 2010

Come Out, Come Out Whomever You Are!

I stole this post, almost verbatim from my dear friend. Thanks!

My first stop on the blog trail this morning was Idgie's Place, where I quickly learned it was Delurking Week! How fun!!! An entire week dedicated to simply stepping out from behind the screen and saying “Hey there, I’m reading you”.

In the spirit of delurking, I hope that anyone that is reading this silly old thing will pipe up and say howdy! Feel free to tell me about yourself and how you found my blog. Or if you’re the shy sort, just a simple “Hi, I’m with you” will do.

And in the spirit of conversation, I’m opening up the Q and A for delurking week. I’m an open book, so if there is anything you’ve ever wanted to know, now is the time to ask. Just leave your question in the comments section and I will collect them and answer them in a post later this week.

I'll also hopefully have some progress to share on my Granville Island Mitts! I'm on the thumb gusset, and cruising right along!


Sandie said...

Howdy! *read in Minnie Pearl voice* :-) I pass around your place every now and again and I truly don't remember where I first saw the link. I visit links on other people's sites and also if you are on a list that I'm also on, I look for links in sig lines. Nice idea, the delurking. I might have to steal that too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Not that I have to delurk, but HI! :) Love that you grabbed the idea, I was hoping you would! Can't wait to see the mitts' progress tomorrow (if the snow doesn't keep me stuck in Festus...)

Andrea said...


I've been reading your blog since we became friends on Ravelry, and found out we were both music therapists. When did you decide to go into music therapy, and why did you decide that was your passion?

Tamara said...

Hey, Girl! I've been out of blogland for awhile, but I'm back now and glad to see you are still here! Happy Delurking Week to you :)