Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Knitsolutions, 2010

Another year is upon us. This means a perfect opportunity for a fresh start, turning over some new leaves, blowing the dust off, etc., etc. After spending more than half of last year without my knitting mojo, I am determined to make this year a great year for knitting. So, here are my 2010 New Year's Knitsolutions (i.e. KNITting reSOLUTIONS):

1. In 2010, I will make 2010 the year of the ME. I looked back through my blog & Ravelry, and I discovered an extremely disturbing thing. The last knit I finished for myself was the Lattice socks. I finished them in 2007. (And, consequently, pests have eaten little holes in them sine then...) I will have a few knits for others (e.g. a new toy for Ty, a knit for a friend's new baby in May, a blanket for Riley), but I am determined to make lots & lots of knits for ME!

2. In 2010, I will dye more yarn. I did this at Christmas for my knitterly friends in 2007. I loved it! I gave away all the yarn I dyed. I will keep at least some of my own hand painted yarn.

3. In 2010, I will spin. I enjoy it, but I haven't even plied the stuff I started. This has been for 2 reasons. 1) I do not have a niddy noddy to make winding the yarn easier, and 2) I am deathly afraid of failure. This means that I have a hard time trying new things because I might mess it up. Why does it matter if I mess up in my spinning? The answer is this: I have no idea. But the idea of turning out yarn that is not as perfect as if it came from Rowan makes me twitchy. I will just have to get over this. Because, gosh darnit, I am going to make yarn in 2010!

4. In 2010, I will finish my Branching Out scarf. It's a lovely pattern in a lovely color, gifted by a lovely knitter. I can't wait to wear it, so even though the whole lace knitting thing still stresses me out (that chart makes me feel cross eyed!) I will conquer it!

5. In 2010, I will knit a sweater for me that I will actually wear. I picked a pattern (it's cabled & ribbed) and I bought the yarn (it's much more pink than this picture suggests). I am going to cast on as soon as I finish my current WIP. I will make it long enough in the torso & generous enough in the sleeves so that it fits me, and it will be a sweater that I will want to wear. I might even make another sweater after this one is finished!

6. In 2010, I will make myself a pair of fingerless gloves. I have wanted a pair for years. More than that, I have needed a pair for years. My job has me running in & out of buildings and playing my guitar all day long. My hands get cold, and I want something snuggly to keep them warm while I play guitar. (I actually already cast on for these. I couldn't wait until Jan 1!)
7. In 2010, I will do some color work. I have said this for years, and this is the year I actually do it. I love this sweater (below), but I know I will need to do something more basic to learn before I tackle it. I am currently accepting suggestions for basic color work projects, and any resources anyone cares to share to help me learn how the heck to do it!
So, there you have it. I've got a full plate this year, but I'm excited & ready to cast on! So, do you have any New Year's Knitsolutions? What will you tackle in 2010?

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sarah said...

Great resolutions! On the color work, I'd suggest trying the Fake Isle Hat as an easy starter pattern. Also I've found that I tend pull my floats too tight, but I can balance it out by using bigger needles. Good luck!