Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, The Year in Knits

Overall, my knits this year was quite unimpressive & lackluster. I spent the first two thirds of the year trying to get my knitting mojo back after I misplaced it. Let's see what I did accomplish this year:

First up, is a WIP that is still hanging around. Branching out is my first serious attempt at lace knitting. It's still unfinished because I found that I must have complete quiet & no interruptions to keep track of the pattern... and those conditions are rare in our house.

T2 ~ Early in the year I knitted a baby blanket for some friends. It was the second time I knit the Trinity pattern by Indigo Muse (Hence the name "T2"). I still love this pattern, and may find myself making another one in 2010.

Pretty in Pink ~ If you've read my blog recently, you'll recognize this knit & the last knit of '09 as the most recent FO's. This dress was knit for my darling niece. She's still really small, but she should grow into this dress just in time to wear it this spring.

Black-N-White Blob ~ So named because that's what it seemed to be as I knit this blanket in the round. I loved how it turned out, and so did my niece's parents. It wasn't what I would call a quick knit, but it was super easy.

I think I may have located my knitting mojo, as I am back to knitting every single chance I get. I've also been inspired to make a few New Year's Knitsolutions. Check back tomorrow to find out what these are.

For now, I wish you all a Happy New Year! Please celebrate responsibly and be safe tonight!

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Heather said...

happy you found your mojo! I think mine was hiding behind yours and you've given me my blog mojo back too! All your knits are fabulous like the knitter! here's to 2010!!