Friday, December 18, 2009

The Family That Hunts Together...

Despite my best intentions, I am still terribly behind on the blog. These are about a month late, but here they are, nonetheless.

The second weekend of Deer Season was a HUGE first for us. It was the boys' first weekend in the deer woods. Neither has ever gone during deer season. We said they could go when they were (much) older, but finding a babysitter was a problem, and Matt had already bagged his deer, so we thought it would be easiest to just shlep them along.

One of the first things Riley learned was to warm his hands by the fire. You hold them out to the fire, then rub them together....
...then hold them out toward the fire. Repeat until summer weather returns.
Tyson loved hanging out with "The Girls." The twins are my step-sisters, so the boys' aunts. For some reason, Ty just calls them by their names, sans the "Aunt" title. I think this is due to the fact that they were only about 9 years old when he was born.
He just loves hanging out with them.
And of course, there was quite a bit of horseplay in the evenings. Here is my Dad (AKA "Pappy") goofing with Riley.
Despite missing a couple of people, we still had a pretty big group. (My step mom was taking the photo, so you can't see her...)
And here are the hunters. We call the non-hunters "Campfire Girls," though that wasn't quite right with the boys there this year. They tag along, hike, hang out in camp, keep the fire going and often cook meals for us hunters. (Thanks, D!)
I am no longer the only huntress in the family. My step-sister, J joined in the fun this year. (If we look like we're faking smiles for the camera, it's because this picture was taken at about 5:00 am. And it was cold. And dark. And we were at the point where we were sort of wondering why this is fun...)
The boys really enjoyed themselves. The slept in, played in the dirt and ate way too much junk food. Riley averaged about one tantrum per day. You would be surprised how far the sound of his shrieks will carry through the forest.
Overall, it was a super-fun weekend!

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