Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That's Dedication!

Check out this photo! Now, if you're not a hockey fan, you won't be interested, so I promise to keep this part short. We took LilMan and my niece to the Family Fishing Day at our local park. It was tons of fun! LilMan and his cousin each caught 4 fish & Hubby caught six. I decided to leave my fishing pole at home so I could help the young'ins.

It was sponsored by St. Louis County Parks and a local radio station, so many of the radio personalities were there, and a local sports hero. This is LilMan, sitting right next to Bernie Federko, former St. Louis Blues captain! He's now a member of the local media as he does coverage for all the games. This was awesome!
Okay, now onto the knitting content. It's not much, but I had to share this with you:
This is me. Sitting in the emergency room at 2:30 am on Monday morning. See how I am knitting? Hubby had to remind me to grab my purse (with my wallet and insurance card in it) on the way out the door... but nobody had to remind me to grab my knitting bag! He thought it was odd that I would remember one but not the other. but, hey, I'm a nervous knitter and a music therapist. The rhythm of knitting helped to ease my pain.

It wasn't a really big deal. I had a kidney stone. It was my first and hopefully my last because WOW, does that hurt. They gave me meds to manage the pain and then referred me to a specialist. I saw him later in the afternoon. He told me to drink lots of fluids and gave me Flomax. (Yes. That is, in fact, a medication for enlarged prostates. Apparently it helps open everything up in that system, allowing the stone to pass more quickly.)

It worked too! I took the pill at 11:00 on Monday night and passed the stone around 11:00 the following morning. I'm 1000% better now, although I am still a little sore and tender. I'm sure I'll be back to my old self tomorrow or Friday.

Well, that's about it for now. All the lying around doped up on pain meds gave me lots of time to knit, and I think the Trinity Blanket will be finished soon. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Rare Knit

Okay, you're probably thinking, "oooo. A pair of baby socks. Kelly's made several of these. What makes this pair so rare?"

Well, I'll tell ya: I started and finished this knit in the same week. This almost never happens to me since I am a super-s l o w knitter. Anyway, these will soon be sent off to a friend who had a baby last week.
I started another knit right away. It's not finished yet, but I already love the way it's turning out. Coincidentally, it is another baby knit. This is for a couple the Hubby & I have known for a long time. This is their second baby. Since I knit a sweater for the first one... well I just had to knit something for bambino numero dos!
If you read the blog of the lovely Indigo Muse, you might recognize this knit. I've been looking for an excuse to knit this for a while... I think it's perfect for a baby knit. It's a new twist on an old favorite, and besides, what's the first thing you do before wrapping a baby up in a traditional blanket? Yep. You fold down one corner of it to make a triangle.
The only down-side to making a blanket like this: the first several blocks go really, really quickly... and then... production... slows. I'm to the point where I almost need to switch to some longer needles and each row is now taking a considerable amount of time. I'm still LOVING this knit, though. Who knew that garter stitch could be so much fun???

Well, I will leave you with the above photo. These are the vincas that LilMan gave me for Mother's Day last year. I have struggled to keep them alive all year, and although they are looking a little rough around the edges, they are blooming. I have been able to seed two additional plants from this one and they are all so pretty right now.
Have a great day!