Monday, September 7, 2009

Apple Picking

We took the boys to Eckert's Farm for some apple picking yesterday! We went with Matt's parents, and although the sky threatened rain all day, not a drop fell.

The day began with a tractor ride. Ty loves this kind of thing!

They dropped us off in the orchard, where the rows seemed to go forever.
Ty found the smallest apple ever. It was perfect, and so small. It looked fake.
He loved picking apples from the low branches...
...and from some pretty high ones.
Riley got into the apple picking as well.
It took a few minutes for him to understand that we weren't picking them up off the ground... we were actually supposed to pick them off the tree. Once he got the idea, there was no stopping him!
After we picked two mostly-full bags of apples, we got back on the tractor. Riley was far less impressed with the tractor ride than Ty. He seemed really nervous the whole time. He also kept shaking his head, "No," and signing, "All done."
After the apples were picked and the shop had been raided (I got a new apple corer, and the boys got some candy and apple cider), we went to Fort Eckert. Ty loved climbing all over the place.
We also played some games, like this ring-toss game. Ty was pretty good at it.
It was such a fun time that someone didn't want to leave.
We went back to Matt's parents' house, where we played with toys, baked an apple pie (of course!) and discovered that Riley loves corn on the cob!
On the knitting front, I'm still working on the same projects with little progress. I accidentally knitted all but 20 stitches from one needle onto the other one, so I've got to rearrange about 250 stitches. Argh! I started yesterday, but I only succeeded in putting them on the correct needle - backwards. So now I have to take them off (again) and put them on (again), hopefully the right way.

I'm having trouble finding time & energy to knit around my work schedule. Hopefully I'll have the house & schedules in order by the end of this week, and will be able to wedge in a little fiber time.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi all.

I have been missing from the blogosphere for at least a week now.

My hands are beginning to shake, and I'm seriously jones-in for some blog-reading time.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm still here. The beginning of the school year has proven to be quite hectic. I've hardly had time to knit (which is bad, because my carefully laid out Christmas Knit timeline is deteriorating before my eyes)...

So, if I'm a usual reader/commenter on your blog (Becca & Leah!), I'm sorry I haven't been around. I do miss you and your wonderful knits & crafts!

I'll be back soon, just as soon as I get my house & my schedule into some kind of order.

Happy Kniting!