Sunday, January 24, 2010

Halfway Done

I finally got on of my Granville Island Mitts done. It took me three days to weave in the many, many ends I had. Some were from the stripes (I didn't want to carry the red across those longer spans of tan), and some were due to the fact that it's handspun wool & it broke several times in the beginning stages of the mitt.

It's a little more scratchy than I had hoped, especially on the inside of my wrist. Hopefully some SOAK will help with that a little.

If not, I might be asking for advice on softening up slightly prickly wool.
Notice the little green arm in the background? Riley & I were home for two days last week (due to a mild case of hand-foot-mouth, I think), and he saw me "modeling" my new mitt.

Ever the imitator, he wanted to get into the act.

But then he wanted to play with his car, and I think he wondered how to accomplish this while wearing a much-too-big, slightly prickly mitt.

He figured it out pretty quickly. There's not a lot that stands between this little guy & play.

I'll hopefully be casting on for the second one tonight. I must admit to having a bit of SSS (SMS?) and realize that I really should have cast on immediately after binding off & save the weaving in for another day(s).

Happy Knitting!

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