Monday, January 25, 2010

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

This guy:
had his first Pinewood Derby on Saturday.

Here was the field he raced in:
Can you guess which car is his? I'll give you a hint: It's third from the left in the middle row.
And it has his name on it (although it's upside down).
He (& his Dad) worked very hard on his car last week. His Pappy cut it out on one of his big saws, and Matt helped him with some of the harder stuff (like making a cavity for the weights, attaching the wheels & using the electric sander). Ty did all the rest of it. He designed it, hand sanded it, painted it & attached the decals.

That's his on the second lane from the left (Lane 2)

In this picture it's neck & neck:
but Ty's car won this heat. (Each car races 4 heats, one in each lane)

And Tyson was very excited when his car won that heat! ( I really think he couldn't believe it!)

In the end, his car finished first in two heats and last in two heats. They determine the overall winners by the average time from all four heats. In his class (Tiger Cubs) Tyson placed 5th out of 24 cars. We were really proud of how hard he worked on his car, and he was just really excited to get to see it race.

And, of course, no matter where he placed in the pack, he always places 1st in our hearts!

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