Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weedless Wednesday

...or...not. While I was away for five days over last weekend, the weeds began taking over the garden. Between unpacking, ending the school year, trying to figure out a routine that does not include going to work every day & rain, I haven't had a chance to pull the little suckers out.

I did have time to buy a soaker hose and put it out. It's not where I want it yet; I actually want it to follow my rows, but it was so curled up from the packaging that I had to just get it out there however it would go, & I'll move it around after it has relaxed a little.

So, here's what the garden looks like now (remember that not all that green is a veggie...):

I'm so happy that stuff grew. The soil is so bad, I honestly thought nothing could live in it.

Here are some potatoes (which I've never grown before) and lettuce. The pictures are a little dark because, well, it was getting dark outside.
This is growing out of the pot where I planted the asparagus. I have no idea if this is asparagus or a weed. If anyone knows & would like to share, I'll be very appreciative.

The sweet peas continue to grow. They've already reached the top of the dead bush I planted them with.

Here's the one lonely cucumber. Except that he's not lonely anymore. There is one other little guy growing at the other end of the row.

And, on the flower front, my lilies are getting ready to bloom. These are late bloomers.
That's about all for this week. I hope to have the soaker hose in its permanent configuration and have the garden all weeded by next Wednesday. Happy Growing!


Anonymous said...

I dont think that is asparagus. It grows out of the ground just like it is at the grocery store. It also takes years for it to flourish. people have been known to steal growing asparagus from gardens because it is so hard to grow. Our cucumbers are in the same shape. Have you tried to grow broccoli?

Anonymous said...

does it look like this?

Krissy said...

I'm with Heather. They grow just like they look. I have heard that you can grow them for years and only get one or two. I dont have anything growing yet. I got everything in late.

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