Sunday, June 7, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here's my second attempt at planning a menu for the Stay At Home Summer... last week went okay, but we ran out of a few things mid-week. I failed to realize how much my small boys consume when they eat three meals at home every day, seven days a week.

Again, the foods with a * next to them are those sneaky foods that are hiding extra veggies!

SUNDAY: Grilled hamburgers*, baked beans, mixed veggies.

MONDAY: Fritata, Fruit Smoothies*, Biscuits

TUESDAY: Pasta with pesto*, salad

WEDNESDAY: BBQ Chicken, Corn, Mac & Cheese*

THURSDAY: Leftovers (for the boys), Date Night for Matt & me (yay!)

FRIDAY: Shrimp & Rice*, veggies, rolls (this is a carryover from last week. We ate out one night while I was sick.)

BREAKFASTS THIS WEEK: Pancakes*, fruit
LUNCHES THIS WEEK: Sandwiches, beans & franks, leftover pizza

For more menu ideas check out
Have a great week!!!!

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