Monday, June 15, 2009

Flag Day Weekend

Happy Flag Day!

Well, Flag Day was yesterday. We are a patriotic bunch, so we celebrated with some patriotic activities. The first order of business was for Matt to hang up our new flag pole. Our last one broke in the fall & we thought this weekend was a good time to hang up a new one.

Tyson baked some cookies for the soldier we adopted. These Flag Day cookies will be going to Iraq, and will conveniently arrive to our soldier by Independence Day.

Ty & I also baked a Flag Day cake. It's a yellow cake with white icing. We used blusberries & strawberries to give it the stars & stripes.
Of course, Matt & Riley helped with the cake a little, but mostly they just ate the leftover icing.
After the baking was finished, we worked on weeding the out of control garden, inflated the kids' little frog pool and watered all the plants.

The day ended with a Flag Day BBQ - grilled chicken & veggie kabobs, baked mac & cheese, and (of course) our Flag Day cake!

Other fun parts of the weekend included Ty's tennis class...
...and my tennis class on Saturday... well as a short road trip to IL to look at something. More on that later.

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are you moving?