Friday, June 19, 2009

Fiber Friday

I finished the last pair of Soldiers Angels socks! In case you missed the story about these, I'll put it in a nutshell. We adopt soldiers through Soldiers Angels, and the soldier we are currently supporting will be coming back to the States in August for the birth of his first child. Since he is currently deployed in a still-active part of Iraq, he will have very few (if any) opportunities to shop for a gift for his baby girl. So, I knitted two pairs of socks for him to bring home. They are small & portable, and will be easy for him to bring home to his wife & baby.

Here's the first pair:
The pattern is my own, and is a great stash buster. I don't even know what yarn I used, although I think the bright pink was some that I dyed myself. This first pair turned out slightly bigger than I planned, and are actually too big for a newborn, so...

...I made a second pair:
These are much smaller, and I think will be perfect for a newborn baby's tiny feet. I guess they'll have a pair for now and a pair for later!

I have another quick project I hope to cast on today, before beginning another baby blanket for my niece/nephew who will be born in December.

In addition to knitting, the boys & I have been spending most afternoons (which are now 90+ degrees) in the back yard. I toss the kids in the pool, pull up my lawn chair, stick my feet in the water... and relax.
It's a great way to kill an afternoon and unwind after a day full of housework & running around.
Ahhhhhhhhh. Happy knitting!

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