Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weedless Wednesday

It's a little late on Wednesday, I know. But work has been busy and unfortunately my job doesn't do itself (but wouldn't it be great if it did?).

Things are growing pretty well around here, especially with the bad soil everything is planted in.

My lamb's ear is throwing up shoots that will soon bloom into beautiful purple flowers.
And speaking of things that bloom in pretty colors, I got my hair done. Same style, just a lot more pink. Yes. Hot. pink. The picture just doesn't quite do it justice.
The sweet peas are my stars. All four pots are putting out flowers that will soon become peas.
The pepper plant has bloomed its first flower & is working on its first pepper.
The okra is coming up. (You can tell quite clearly from the row marker that I planted this only because Matt & Tyson wanted me to.)

The tomatoes are coming along.
And there is one lonely cucumber that sprouted.
The lettuce is doing really well.
And the corn will hopefully be plentiful this year. I planted sweet yellow corn and ruby corn. I have no idea which is which right now, though.
This is either carrots or crab grass. Given that it seems to be coming up in a row, I'm guessing carrots. Or just really organized crabgrass.
And lastly, there is broccoli in my future. Sigh. Another request from the boys. Ick.
Happy gardening!


Rebecca said...

Your little garden is turning out great! Lovely carrots!

And look at that hair! Love it! You look so glam!

Krissy said...

I LOVE the hair Kel. It looks awesome! We don't even have seeds in the ground yet. Way behind this year.

Mary... said...

I'm pondering well-organized carrots. ;) I'll take some pics of my container garden soon for my blog...

Yay garden.