Saturday, May 16, 2009

April Showers...

... really do bring May flowers!

I planted these last year... I think this is Sweet William, but I'm not sure. When I planted these last spring, they were all these scrawny little flowers that I had hoped would fill in by the end of summer. They sort of filled in, but I wasn't all that impressed; I decided to try something else this year. And then these pretty flowers came back. All by themselves. With a vengeance. Imagine my surprise since I had no idea they would come back! And they didn't just come back on their own; they are fuller, bigger and have about two hundred times more flowers on them! And seriously, I didn't do a thing. I didn't even cut them back last fall. That is so cool.
Also making a fabulous return this year are my irises. Yes. They are brown. Actually, if you really look closely, they are purple and yellow/orange, which apparently looks brown when mixed. I'm thinking of adding a few other colors to them next year.

And now, on to the veggies! The potatoes are doing very well. (Yes. they are in a pot. Yes. I know they will not likely grow any actual potatoes in a pot. But, I had to get them in some dirt and they are pretty and I still feel really successful because they are actually growing!)
The sweet peas are also doing really well. I have three pots of them, and these are the happiest. They are climbing up the remains of the hibiscus I killed last winter.
I love to see how they are attaching themselves to this dead tree.
And what about the garden in the back? The very big garden in the back yard? Well, my Dad gave me some peppers, which are growing pretty well. One of them looks like it's about to bloom!
And the rest of it? Well, not so much. I do have a few tomatoes (also contributed by my Dad) that were started indoors. Other than that, nothing is coming up so far. It's okay; it's only been a few days. I'm not worried yet. Really. It's gong to be fine. I'm not worried... why? do I sound like I'm worried that my husband put in a ton of work and I have made all these fabulous plans to grow enough produce to start my own farm and can enough veggies to get us mostly through the winter... but I'm not worried about the fact that I realized too late that the soil we filled the garden with was really just dirt and resembles something as hard as the salt flats when it's dry and I cannot imagine anything managing to force its way up through that concrete block I'm trying to call a garden... but I'm not worried.
And I am certainly not freaking out.

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