Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frugal Friday

I don't know if this actually qualifies as a "Frugal Friday" post. But I solved an organizational problem without running out to the store to buy a new 'widget.' Having been inspired by the many brilliant Frugal Friday contributors that I've read over the last couple of months, I looked around my house and used things I already had. In doing so, I also re-purposed two items that would have been trashed. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

So, here was my problem. I don't have a good place to keep bibs near our dining room table. They have cluttered kitchen counters, dining chairs, kitchen cabinets & drawers and multiple other places in our home. Always they are in the way.
My first reaction was to go to the office supply store (or Target or Lowe's) and buy something new that I could affix to the chair somehow. Instead, I descended into the depths of our basement and looked around.

These are the materials I found:
It took me a few minutes to make this, but probably no more than it would have taken me to drive to the store, look around and maybe buy something (or maybe drive to another store if I didn't find what I was looking for).

After some cutting, gluing and muttering to myself, I had finished it. It's not anything huge... not a cure for stupidity or anything, but it's a start. I had to trim the box and the bag quite a bit, and I even used the bag's handles to tie it to the back of the highchair.

It's working out really well. All the bibs fit, and when it's time to eat, we put him in the chair and just grab one from right behind him. They're right there... which means they're not cluttering up other areas of my house.


Alison Boon said...

An excellenn idea. Well done you.

Anonymous said...


SavingSomeGreen said...

Love it!

Hoosier Homemade said...

Hey, that's a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's too bad your neighborhood doesn't allow clotheslines, I've never heard of such a thing.

Andrea said...

Awesome idea! It's not only functional, but also really cute!