Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Creative Space

This is my first time participating in "Creative Space!"

This week, my creative space has taken over the dining room table. Half of the table (the half we don't use for meals) is covered in this:
Cabins and trees and bears, oh my! These are the applique's I made for my littlest one's quilt. This project has me VERY NERVOUS. It's my first try at sewing a quilt. My sewing skills are not the greatest, since I'm almost completely self taught. Cross your fingers for me!

And as usual, my creative space is full of sticks & string. Here's a baby blanket I'm working on:
...and a few dishcloths for our trailer.

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Amanda said...

Great space, the quilt looks great so far and loving the baby blanket..I really need to figure out this knitting thing...I am so jealous lol..

Rebecca said...

OOH, the quilt is going to be adorable! Can't wait to see it finished.

Kirsty said...

I think the quilt will be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly. Good for you, embarking on a new challenge in the form of a quilt. Looks great so far Sewing is a craft technique I'm still to master too. Thanks for visiting my blog. The discloth pattern I use can be found at: Look for the link in the right sidebar. Have a happy day. Anita. xxx

june at noon said...

Those appliques look very promising. Really cute!

Jennie said...

Be proud of being self-taught! It makes your successes all the more sweet.