Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow!!! ... And a Knitting Tragedy.

First, let me just say that life can be so difficult when one is small in size & lacks the ability to think through the consequences of one's choices and behaviors:
Riley managed to extricate himself from the music table. There was some fussing involved, but he eventually figured it out.

Now, on to the knitting! My friends found out on Thursday that they are going to have a little baby girl! Needless to say, I wasted no time in purchasing the yarn & casting on. I'm doing another Trinity baby blanket. The first one was quite a lot of fun, and the family loved it so much, I just had to make another. This time, I'm using larger needles for a more lacy, open look. Oh, and I finally get to do a baby knit with lots of pink in it.
I have also continued to work on Riley's new blanket. So far I am not sick of making these hexagons. They go pretty quickly; I can knit one in just about an hour & a half or two hours, depending on what's going on around me. I have seven pieces so far, and I have a whole lot more to go, but I'm hoping it's not going to take too long. I haven't yet figured out yet how I'm gong to arrange them, but I'm thinking about doing stripes. I've only got two colors, so my options are limited. Any other ideas are welcome. Just leave a comment.
ALERT!!! This is a Knitting tragedy alert from the Knational Knitting Service.
Yesterday, while cruising around Michael's in his stroller, Riley managed to gnaw a hole in the Sweet Pea Blanket. We all remember this blanket. It has been a cramp in my ass since I first cast on. There was the issue with the foam donught. There was the issue with the yarn being so splitty. There was the issue with it getting snagged on everything. There was the issue with the tails and ends unraveling right before my eyes. Yesterday, I made the executive decision that I will repair Sweet Pea's Blanket (if I can figure out how), will then hand wash it, and will put it up in his closet. He can have it back in a year or so, when I'm more confident that he will not eat it.
It has just been such a labor of love (despite it's many problems) and while I expected that it would be well-worn from lots of love, I didn't think that part would happen for a couple of years.

On to happier news... I love a good buy. Seriously. And yesterday I got this book, which has a couple of cute knits in it, and was originally priced at $27.99...
...for 50% off this price:
And I found it at my local supermarket. Yay!

So, I promised some snow photos. We awoke on Wednesday morning to this:
I took the boys out to play in the snow.
Rather than making a snowman, Tyson really wanted to make a snowbunny. I have no idea why. It was a good, wet snow & very sticky, so we managed to get something that sort of resmbles a rabbit.
Unfortunately, Riley wasn't able to enjoy the snow as much as Tyson. Life is rough when you can only crawl. But, he was definitely fascinated by it.
We had a really fun day!

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Rebecca said...

Aw, I love the snowbunny! What an imagination!