Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am not ignoring you.

I spent Sunday through Wednesday being held hostage by the flu. It was terrible. High fever, body aches, sore throat... I tried to spend as much of the experience in a NyQuil-induced coma as was possible.

I started to feel human again mid-morning on Wednesday. I even took a shower and went to the store. Since I hadn't been eating, I indulged in a TV dinner. I came home, microwaved it, and sat down to enjoy. I took two bites... when the phone rang.

It was Tyson's school: he has a fever of 101.3. please come and get him.

So, I left my much anticipated lunch to collect my poor boy who felt so awful that he could only huddle in the back seat of the car, whimpering pitifully. I got him home, checked his temperature (it had climbed to 102), gave him Motrin, got him in his jammies & tucked him into bed. He started to drift off to sleep, so I went to the kitchen to get him some juice... when the phone rang.

It was Riley's daycare: he has a fever of 103.4. please come and get him.

Holy crap on a stick. Seriously? Okay.

I got a very crabby Tyson out of bed, bundled him into his coat and put him into the car. Again. We drove to the daycare where Riley was "quarantined" in a swing and none-too-happy about it. I bundled him up in his jacket and got both boys home (carrying each from the car to the house) at which point I found myself being pulled in many directions at once. Having two sick kids is much more challenging than having only one sick kid.

I eventually got them both fed, watered, medicated and into bed, where they remained for the better part of the afternoon. By the time I got back to my lunch it had cooled to the point of having an odd, undescribable texture. Since TV dinners are barely acceptable when heated once, I decided to avoid risking a reheating and trashed it. I ate a bowl of cereal and four Wheat Thins, which was fine because I still don't have my appetite back.

I went back to work today while Matt stayed home with the boys.

I was just heading to lunch... when the phone rang.

It was Matt: I have a fever. Please bring soup home.

Sigh. I have begun to develop a slight eye twitch at the sound of any phone ringing.

Now all of my sweet boys are sick, and they will all probably miss Valentine's Day. Matt & I were planning to go out to dinner (sans kids). Tomorrow is Tyson's first official school Valentine's Day party. Saturday is Riley's first Valentine's Day ever. I feel so bad for them. They're going to miss all the fun.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Natalie said...

You poor thing (along with your poor sweet men!). I hope you all get better!