Thursday, January 29, 2009

It has been a wild & crazy week! The week started out on a terrible note. On Monday morning, I learned that a coworker, someone I have always been quite fond of, had passed away over the weekend. She had been ill last spring, but I thought she was going to be okay... I guess God had other plans for her. I'm still sad and I will miss her quite a lot, but I'm relieved that she is now free of her illness.

This, thank goodness, was followed by two consecutive snow days. I really needed a couple of days to just chill out and enjoy my children. It's amazing how healing children can be. And the beautiful snow didn't hurt, either. I've got a few photos, but I'll share them later.

I also did something else that I know most of my readers will understand: I spent a good deal of time knitting. It is my therapy, and it helped. I got several additional hexagons finished, and also pulled the stuff needed to make a new hat for Tyson.

It was an interesting food week around here, as well. Tyson learned to eat with chopsticks:
sort of...

...and Riley made a huge leap toward the transition to real people food. I know it looks like he is not enjoying this nectarine, but, I swear, he kept signing "more." He has also experienced the joys of pizza, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets this week!

And, in another huge leap, Riley transitioned out of his baby carrier/car seat, and into a rear-facing big kid car seat. He hates this one a lot less. The baby carrier would have held him for another 3 pounds, but the whole thing with him in it was getting way too heavy for me. I've already had a hernia, thank you very much.

I should mention a HUGE THANK YOU to my husband, who spent a good hour and a half fighting to assemble and install two stubborn car seats in subzero temperatures.

Tyson has been learning to ice skate. He insists that he wear his hockey helmet (he could wear his bike helmet... better visibility) and hockey gloves, even though it is just a skating class and there are no sticks or pucks. He seems to enjoy it.
And I finished what has now become one of my two favorite books. ever. I mean, ever. I highly recommend it, though I won't tell you anything about it because even a small bit of info could give away the whole thing. I don't have more than ten-fifteen minutes to read each day, so it usually takes me several weeks to a month to read an entire book. I read this one in 6 days.
Have a blessed day!

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Rebecca said...

I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

I almost bought that book at Borders last week, but decided on a Dean Koontz book looked really interesting though.