Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sprng Break - Day 2


Today was the second day of spring break. I had originally thought that Spring Break would be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Instead, so far we've been really busy, and I'm exhausted!

Of course, we all got up and put on our green this morning!

Tyson "found" a rainbow, sans pot-o-gold.
Riley got in touch with his Irish roots in a cute polo shirt.
So, the morning started with a breakfast of Lucky Charms (of course!) and bananas, followed by some play time. (For the boys. I had to clean up breakfast, start the laundry and water the houseplants).
After that we took Riley to day care and went to get Tyson's hearing checked. He had failed the screening they gave him at school, but today he passed with 100% normal hearing. This was a relief, and confirmed my suspicions that he is, in fact, choosing to ignore me when I ask him to do things like putting his shoes away or brushing his teeth. (I wasn't allowed to photograph inside the chamber, so this image will have to do.)

After the hearing test, we had a quick lunch on the deck, and then went to Lowe's to stock up on seeds and garden supplies. Matt & I have been talking about drastically expanding our garden. Today I committed us to that. Look at all the plants Tyson & I are going to grow!
Tyson helped me plant some of them, and spent the rest of the time playing with his friends.
Here are the starters. I like to use the small Dixie Cups instead of the peat pots. Those things get gross if we have frosty mornings late into spring.

When the seeds had been sown it was time for a piano lesson. (Hi Steph!!!) She's a great piano teacher... very patient and quick to cut off any shenanigans Ty has planned!
Lastly, we had a great Irish dinner: corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes. I cooked the potatoes and carrots with the corned beef in the crock pot all day, but cooked the cabbage separately in a skillet. I'm not crazy about the cabbage (*gags at the thought*) and didn't want my house to smell like stale cabbage tomorrow. The meal turned out wonderfully... my Irish ancestors would be proud!
This was followed by a slice of St. Patrick's Day cake...
...and a bit of clowning around at the table. Matt bought this to wear at work today.
I didn't get a chance to do any knitting today, but the day's not over yet. I'm planning to settle in with a tall glass of Ovaltine and work on T2 after I finish the dishes.

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