Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break - Day 3

Today was another busy day. I had planned to take Ty to the Zoo, but our weather people predicted rain around lunch time. (Of course, the rain didn't get here until 8:30 this evening!)

So, our morning began with yoga (Tyson loves to do yoga!)... I've realized that I enjoy it much more when it's in the evening. I must be getting old, because I'm pretty stiff first thing in the morning. After that, we had a light breakfast, and then practiced piano. Look at that concentration:

Since we expected thunderstorms to move in, we decided to tackle the mess that was Ty's room.
I don't think it has ever been this messy before. As Riley has grown and become more crafty with circumventing our gates and blockades, we've had to remove Ty's toys from the first floor, a few at a time. It started out simple enough... just a stack of games in the corner by the bed, but things had definitely gotten out of hand.
This is embarrassing...
And we've been putting some things up on top of his dresser because he keeps forgetting to close his bedroom door, and Riley occasionally gets in there for a few moments.

Neither of us could stand it anymore, so we spent a large portion of the day sorting through toys and games, reorganizing stuff, etc.

As I was taking photos of the "after," Tyson insisted that he take a picture of his calendar. It's not new. It's been on his wall for four years. But, what the heck... he asked nicely.
We packed up a few things for Riley to play with in the future, and set aside several items for GoodWill. In the end, we felt pretty good about what we had accomplished.
We removed his old fashioned school desk, and I had intentions of finding a newer one with more workspace.
We still had a few things that needed homes, especially his art supplies. (That's what that big, black box is, next to the dresser.) I hated leaving it there, but it was full of crafty stuff & I didn't have any place else to put it all.
Tyson enjoys arranging his "sleepy friends" on his bed. This is why he doesn't mind making his bed most days... he arranges them differently every day. (Yes, the three hockey pucks are supposed to be there. He has slept with them since he was a baby. Some kids choose a teddy bear, blanket or other soft lovey as their transition object. My kid picked a Vancouver Canucks hockey puck.)
After we finished cleaning Ty's room, we took a break to eat lunch. Outside. On the deck. It. was. awesome.
After lunch, we took our load of stuff to the GoodWill store for donation. As long as we were there, I decided to look for a desk. I warned Ty that we would likely have to come back several times until we found something that would fit our requirements. We walked to the back of the store and saw, buried between two large entertainment units, a perfect desk! (Ironically, it's a slightly more modern school desk... we just traded older for newer!)
It was absolutely perfect. Ty has a small room, so we didn't want a ginormous desk. This has plenty of work space, but doesn't take up too much floor space. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, given that he will likely outgrow it in a few years. The cheapest one our Target had in stock was $89.00; I got this one for $20.00! We needed something that would hold much of Ty's art supplies. I was able to completely clean out that big black box and put everything in the storage area of the desk and the shelf next to it (which we already had). And the best part (given that it was a retired school desk): I didn't have to scrape any gum off the bottom.

On the schedule for tomorrow: a visit to the gym, some time for relaxing (finally) and haircuts for the boys. I'm excited. It'll be Riley's first haircut!

Have a great day!

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