Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little One

Exactly one year ago today (down to the hour), our Wild Thing was born. We didn't know he'd be a little Wild Thing then, though the fact that he was noisily exercising his lungs before he was fully born should have given us a clue.

From the start, he wanted to do things his own way... refusing the hospital issue binky in favor of his own fingers. (He now prefers his right thumb. Yes, only the right one.)
My little Sweet Pea, he was alert and observant from his very first day.
He has always insisted on sticking his feet out of the blankets. No matter how cold it gets, he does not want his feet covered. He also dislikes socks & shoes (just like his Mommy).

One whole year has passed already. I feel a little dizzy. I wonder when this last year sneaked by. And where was I when it happened? I am experiencing the now-familiar bittersweet feeling of happiness & pride for my child... mixed with a healthy does of sadness & wistfulness at the passing of time. I find such joy in watching him grow every day, and I love the little person he is becoming. Today I found myself alternating between smiles and tears. It's complicated & difficult to explain.

Today he's a strong, independent young man. Already. He is quick to figure things out, and is eager to make people smile and laugh. He is also incredibly affectionate. I managed to catch him in a rare snuggle moment with Matt yesterday.
In general, he is in constant motion. He is not interested in long, leisurely cuddles. His snuggles tend to come in "drive by" form. He plays, toddles over, throws himself into your arms for a few seconds, and then toddles off to play some more. This pattern repeats many times each hour.
Riley is a happy child, always quick with a big smile and an adorable "uh-oh." He is very ticklish, and loves physical play; his favorites are dancing to music (any kind of music) and "Monkey Swing."
He already wants to run and play outside with his big brother and the other neighborhood kids. He will often stand at the screen door and yell outside whenever they ride bikes or play hockey in the street. He already wants to tag along behind his big brother, and his big brother is usually quite happy to have him along.
It has been a good year. We've been busy; our home has been chaotic; our family has been joyful. I have loved every moment of it, and I pray that Riley's second year will be as healthy and exciting and happy and busy as the last year was.

Happy Birthday, my precious little Sweet Pea.

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IndigoMuse said...

Sorry I'm a week late with birthday wishes. Happy Belated birthday!!!! Hope he's feeling great by now. Those mysterious fevers create a lot of gray hairs, don't they?