Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break - Day 5

Yesterday was our last official day of Spring Break. It went by really quickly, but we had so much fun and got so much accomplished that I have absolutely no regrets. I'll be happy to get back to work on Monday, especially since I know that I'll have a summer full of weeks like the one we just had!

Here's what was on the agenda yesterday:

I did a fair amount of this:
Yep. Relaxing with my feet up. You can't see it in the photo, but my knitting was in my lap.

I also spent a good amount of time playing with Riley. Look what he has taken to dragging around! That's the Pain-In-The-Arse blanket that I made for him!

I also had the Detail Doctors come to my house & spiff up my poor old car. They washed, waxed and buffed the outside, cleaned the engine and REALLY cleaned the inside for a very reasonable price. They got crud out of the carpet that I thought was there for good. I emptied all the crap out before they came and ended up finding this:
That there is $12.74 in loose change. (I took Tyson out to lunch with some of it, and stashed the rest in my piggy bank.)

I also spent some time playing catch with Tyson in the side yard. (No pictures because it was really hard to get with a baseball glove on one hand and a baseball flying at me...) He also played outside with his friends most of the afternoon.

While he was playing with friends, I took some time to enjoy the first signs of spring on the First Day of Spring. This is coming up in the front flower bed.
It's a bulb of some type, but I can't remember what. We'll find out in a few weeks when it blooms.

These daffodils are blooming around my mailbox. I remember when there was a scant 6 plants out there, but they've really spread the last couple of years.

These are blooming in our neighbor's front flower bed. I can't remember what they are called, but they smell heavenly.

These trees are blooming all over the area right now. They are really lovely. I think this one is a Bradford Pear Tree, which looks a lot like another type of tree that will also soon be blooming. The difference is that the Pear Tree doesn't really have any aroma... the other ones stink to high heaven. Thankfully it only lasts a week or two and then they're done. Ick.

My last day of Spring Break ended with a book club meeting where we discussed, among other things, Twilight. Everyone agreed that it was a nice, simple read and was a good story. We picked the next book, Plain Truth, which we'll discuss in about 6 weeks.

We got up this morning and Matt surprised us by taking us to Russell's for breakfast. Saturday is Waffle Day at Russell's Matt had the blackberry waffle, Ty had a cherry waffle, and I had an apple cinnamon waffle. (I got mine "cheesecaked." It was a yummy treat.
Have a great weekend!

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