Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why I Hate My Addi Turbo's

Why I Hate My Addi Turbo's
By: Keowdie

1. They are too slippery. My current project is taking much longer than it should beacause I keep dropping stitches. I am already a slow knitter, and with these things I'm barely creeping along. I'll be stitching along, happy as a clam, and all of a sudden, one (or two or three) stitches will attempt suicide by leaping from my needles. I, of course, have to stop and rescue them, replace them, and then get back into my groove. Argh!

2. They are too slippery. I know I just said this one, but that has to do with the yarn slipping around on (and off) the needles. This has to do with my hands. It is July in St. Louis. That means 97 degree temperatures with 80+ percent humidity. My Addi Turbo's are difficult to hang on to with sweaty palms. If you live in a more mild climate, this thought might gross you out, but trust me... in July, EVERYONE in St. Louis has sweaty palms.

3. They make a disturbing sound. I love the warm, happy click-click-click of my wood/bamboo needles. I have grown to cringe at the click-and-scrape of metal on metal. It's not as bad as fingernails on the chalkboard, but it's getting there. I am concerned about getting wrinkles and TMJ as I keep catching myself clenching my teeth and frowning dramatically while knitting.

4. They are too shiny. Now, I know for many knitters this is not a problem, but for me it is. You see, I don't work in an office or the same building all day long. I drive to and from 4-6 schools/homes to serve my clients each day. I often have time (5-15 minutes) to kill between sessions (while sitting in my car), and what better way to spend that time than knittng? Again, this is St. Louis, people. We get long stretches of lovely, bright sunshine. Normally this is a good thing, right? Not when the sun is glinting off the already annoying (see numbers 1,2 & 3 above) needles, thus blinding you with spots before your eyes. The spots add to the difficulty that is point number 1 (above).

5. I resent them because I was deceived by these needles. Well, really I was deceived by the woman who sold them to me. These were my first knitting needles, and perhaps I should feel more sentimental about them. But when I acquired them I knew exactly nothing about knitting. I got a pattern from my sister and eagerly took it to my LYS. The woman handed me an armful of acryllic yarn and the Addi Turbo's. "My sister says to get bamboo," I said. "Oh, no," she replied. "These are Addi Turbo's. They're very quick, ergonomically correct, and are just the greatest thing since sliced bread." Liar. I have come to experience some serious negative emotional reactions to these things.

So why haven't I just thrown them out and bought some lovely bamboo circular needles in size 8?

Well, the simple answer is this: I have no idea. (Probably it's because I'd rather spend my knitting budget on yarn, patterns, etc.... not needles in a size that I already have.)

Now, I know that my essay may not be a popular one. I have heard that lots of knitters love their Addi Turbo's, though I'm not sure I know any of them personally. And I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this particular type of needle... they are just not for me.

So tell me what you think. Do you like Addi Turbo's? Do you hate them? Do you have a favorite type/brand/pair of needles? If you DO like the Turbo's and you'd like to trade my pair of Turbo's in size 8 for a pair of Bamboo's in size 8, let me know. Otherwise, these will very likely end up in the circular file. Eventually. After I buy some size 8 circulars in bamboo.


kate said...

I'm with you. I hate Addi's or anything like it. Give me Bamboo or the grey plastic like needles that come in the blue package (obviously I don't pay attention to brands!)

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I agree. I'm a Bamboo kind of gal too! I don't blame you for being frustrated with them. Just get thyself to the LYS and get some bamboo circs!!!

Janis said...

Well, I have to admit I love Addi's for lots of things, but they're sure not right for everything. You could swap them for bamboo ones on the Knittyboard in one second, I'm sure!
P.S. - If the only things that are sweaty in St. Louis in summer are your palms, you're one lucky gal!!!