Monday, July 16, 2007

We had a busy weekend... made busier by puppy sitting. Our dogs can be a handful, but I forgot how tiring it is to have to keep an eye on a pup almost every minute, lest your shoes get chewed up! Fortunately, the puppy we watched was pretty good. He kept himself busy by pestering our two much older dogs. He's really cute! Check out this photo. From left to right you have Enos, Roscoe, and Nash. Enos & Roscoe (yes named after the deputies in the Dukes of Hazard) are our dogs, and Nash is the visiting K-9.

I also finished the sewing project for LilMan. He got new Cars the Movie curtains for his room!

And I finished the Trinity Log Cabin blanket. Here it is in all its glory:
And here it is wrapped around one of LilMan's teddy bears, as it might end up wrapped around the baby who will receive it.
Here are the specs:

  • Pattern: Trinity Log Cabin Triangle (pattern by Indigo Muse)
  • Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight in Teddy, Mint & Naked.
  • Needles: I started on my size 8 bamboo needles & then switched to the Turbo's.
  • Comments: This blanket was so much fun to knit! I did each section with 7 garter stitch rows before binding off & that seemed to be the perfect ratio to keep it fun. I weaved in the ends as I went, thus saving my sanity while finishing. After trying a few different borders I decided to go with a simple single crochet. It's clean, neat, and doesn't detract from the overall impact of the blanket's shape.

I will definitely be making another one of these someday. I haven't had this much fun with garter stitch since my first knitting experience!

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IndigoMuse said...

I love, love, love how Trinity turned out. The colors are wonderful together. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!