Monday, July 27, 2009

Super Sunday

We had a wonderful day yesterday! Although Matt & I had many things to do around the house after our trip, we decided to take advantage of the sunshine & great weather.

We took the boys to Powder Valley Conservation Center. It has lots of educational activities & information. Ty enjoyed the Kids' Corner, where he made leaf rubbing, and felt the fur of several different kinds of local animals.

Riley really enjoyed watching the many birds and squirrels that were snacking at the feeders.

We took a 2/3 mile walk on one of the many trails. They are very nice, paved trails.
Along the way we spotted these two deer. It was a Doe and her fawn.

A few feet away we saw this little one; the doe had twins this year! They are somewhat used to people, and so we got to watch them for several minutes (despite Riley's constant chatter!).

I took this on one of the bridges.

After our walk we drove across the street to Laumeier Sculpture Park for a picnic.
Nothing fancy, just ham & cheese sandwiches, crackers & apples.
We ate under some lovely trees, and when we were all full, we decided to lie back & enjoy the view...

...well, some of us did, anyway. Riley only lies down voluntarily at nap time & bed time. Instead, he decided to sit on each of us as we tried to relax.
And then Ty decided to tickle him...
...and after that, it was time to pack up and go home.

It really was a lovely, relaxing afternoon. Be sure to check back tomorrow, when I will hopefully have the photos from our trip uploaded. Also, I've been working on a big project... that should be done by the end of the week, so stick around for the grand unveiling!

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