Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow. An acutal Knitting post on my KNITTING blog.

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend. It was busy & rough. We spent a good portion of Sunday cleaning the house & working on inside projects (since it was raining outside).

Saturday was really the doozy. My day started with a dentist appointment. This was my first appointment since getting the braces removed, so I knew it would be a little rough. I suspected I had a cavity, since I could see a shadow on one of my teeth, right where the band had been. Little did I know that I actually had two cavities, and that the one I thought was a wee little cavity actually turned out to be a crater (like, remember the place where Han Solo parked the Millenium Falcon when they were hiding from Imperial Fighters in the meteor field?). It was a rough appointment with lots of drilling, novacaine, and OHMYGOSHNOTNEARLYENOUGHNITROUS. Seriously. I was like, "Did you turn the gas down? Because I can't feel it. at. all. You've got to turn it up." And he was like, "I'm sorry, freakishly anxious girl, I've got the gas turned up as high as it will go without turning your brain to mush." And I was like, "At this point, that doesn't sound so bad. In fact, that sounds kind of nice because then my brain would not be causing all the shaking and crying and gagging and hyperventalating if we just turned it to mush.. so let's just do that. Turn it UP!!!!"

Needless to say, I survived. Barely. And when I came home, I found a ginormous box on my front porch. Initially I thought this box contained Matt's new set of weights, but when I nudged it with my foot, it moved quite easily. Then I noticed it was addressed to ME!!! I had forgotten that my big sis had told me she was sending me a box.

I took it inside, sawed through the copious amounts of packing tape (seriously, honey, did you think it needed to be hermetically sealed?) and found the MOTHERLOAD. I felt like pirates after a good pillage. I felt like an only child at Christmas. I felt like the IRS on April 16th. I found this:
Hmmm. what do we have here? Well, I'll tell ya:
  • 1 skein Mystery chunky, black
  • 8 balls Phildar Plaisance, Camelia (pink)
  • 2 balls Beddie Bliss Cathay, black
  • 1 ball Mystery fingering or DK weight, red
  • 1 hank Silky Wool Designer's Choice, bright pink
  • 1 skein Bergere de France Sport, powder pink
  • 2 skeins Lion Brand Cotton Ease, blue
  • 2 hanks Salsa Mohair/Wool blend by Dancing Leaf Farm, multi
  • 1 ball Rowan Summer Tweed, dark green
  • 1 ball Baby Alpaca lace weight, lavender
  • 1 ball Baby Alpaca lace weight, dark lavender
  • 5 balls Baby Alpaca lace weight, off white
  • 1 ball Mystery lace weight, multi
It was so sweet of H to think of me when thinning her stash. It's all so beautiful, and I haven't put it with the other stash yet. It's in the bag, on my dining room table. I like to reach in the bag, take out something yummy, pet it and dream of what I could knit it into... several times a day.

And of course, H, how could you possibly have known to send it when you did? How could you have known that I would find it on my porch after such a terrible, awful, no good very bad morning, and that it would completely turn my whole day around? You're fabulous!

Speaking of knitting, I have been doing quite a bit of that lately. I'm still plugging away at T2. The rows are painfully long by now, and I'm such a slow knitter that it feels like I'm never going to finish it. I'm not tired of it, or sick of it or anything. I'm just hoping that I will have time to knit some little baby socks to go with it. Here's where we are:
I've actually finished this round by adding two additional bars. I don't want to end with white on the outside, so I've got to do one more round (3 more bars) and then I can add a crocheted edge and be done. After I weave in the eleventy million ends that I stupidly refused to weave in as I knitted along. I'm not sure what I was thinking... maybe that all those ends would weave themselves in when I wasn't looking? Or maybe that the knitting fairy would come & weave in the ends while I was sleeping? You can tell from the spaghetti that is peaking out from behind the blanket that this did not happen. Stupid knitting fairy. Now I'll have to spend three hours weaving in the ends.
Just a couple of kid pics this week. I let Riley try his hand at using the spoon to feed himself this weekend. These photos were taken early in the process. By the time it was over, he had cereal in his hair, ears and nose... and had to be completely hosed down. I also had to scrub the stuff from every nook & cranny of the higchair and the floor. It was totally worth it. Look at that concentration:
Success! We've scooped some up & managed to get it directly into the mouth!
And while Riley was busy snacking, Tyson was hanging around out in the garage. Waiting for the rain to stop so he could go outside & play hockey with his friends. (I believe he was sitting in the wagon, pretending to be fishing in a boat when I snapped this picture.)
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

So happy it arrived...- listen it has been raining here so I thought ack! Rain+yarn+mags...BAD! So I hunted around...found the industrial tape we use to ship spacey stuff here at the office and taped that bad boy like Krissy used to do to our xmas pressies. The boys are growing so fast..and I cant wait to return some blog love to you when Spacetricot is up and running. Lovelovelove!!

IndigoMuse said...

Awwww, you're so lucky to have such a thoughtful sis :) Isn't yarn a great healer for what ills us? Kisses for those growing boys...

zarah said...

The blanket is cute, even if it is taking forever. =)