Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Well, it was a busy day today. It was Riley's first Easter, and it was just about as perfect as perfect could be.

It began on Good Friday with dying eggs:
Tyson had a lot of fun. (Given Riley's tendency to bang things around, chew on everything, and generally create a disaster every chance he gets, we decided to color the eggs while he was sleeping. He'll participate in this messy fun next year.)

Tyson did some of the eggs by himself...
...and I helped with a few.
When all was said & done, we had a dozen beautiful eggs.
Fast forward to Easter morning. The Easter Bunny came! He hid the eggs...
...brought a few new sleepy friends...
...and a few snacks. (Tyson got some candy, Riley got some Gerber cheesey-poofs.)
After breakfast it was time to get dressed in our Easter best (Riley's outfit was a birthday gift from Stephanie. Thanks, Steph!!!)
We headed off to Aunt Tina's house, where we ate some great food...
and had another Easter Egg hunt! (Riley had to sit this one out since it was outdoors and he is not fond of walking in the grass.)
Look at that concentration. He is a LilMan on a mission.
After a nice time visiting with family, we came home & the boys crashed. Riley had a bottle (one of his last) and Tyson snuggled up with Matt to watch the Blues beat up on the Ave's.
Now I'm going to put in some laundry & settle down for some quality knitting time. Check back later this week; I've got a bunch more to share from this week!

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