Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Friday!!!!

Well, another week has come & gone. I can't believe how quickly they seem to go... at least from the perspective of Friday.

It's funny how on Monday (every Monday) all I see is yet another insanely busy week stretching out... endlessly... before me.

By Wednesday I am ready to tear out my hair or run off to a Buddhist Monastery just to get some peace and rest.

And by Friday? I'm convinced that there has been a rip or fold in the space-time continuum & I have slipped through an entire week without actually experiencing each day that I know must have been part of that week.

Where does the time go?

It's the same thing with Tyson. He came out of his room this morning, and I swear I almost didn't recognize him. Who is this tall, skinny five year old who will be starting kindergarten in another few months (sniff)? Didn't I just bring my little butterball of a Tyson home from the hospital yesterday?

I did manage to get a few things done over the week. I met a lot of deadlines for work... thanks to some insanely late nights in my office (writing reports & graphing data until 11:30 pm). And I got all nesting-instinct last night & deep cleaned the first floor of the house at 10:30. It was really odd. I had sat down to check my email after Tyson went to bed, and noticed that the maternity countdown on my google home page was reporting that we had only 30 days until our due date. I thought about what that meant:

Since my doctor has already informed me that he will not let me go one minute more than a week past my due date, this means that some time in the next THIRTY-SEVEN days we will be bringing this baby home. And he will be outside of my uterus. And he will need a place to sleep, and we will need nursing supplies, and we will need a baby monitor, and I will be exhausted & in some amount of pain, and he will need clothes, and my house will be full of people who want to visit our new arrival.

All of a sudden, I was overcome with the knowledge that under no circumstances could I bring a baby into this house unless every bit of clutter was put away, every upholstered surface was vacuumed till it was threadbare, and every hard surface of my house was dusted/washed/disinfected. I was driven by some insanity that I cannot explain. Matt came home from tennis at 11:00 and found me, all wild-eyed and seriously neurotic-looking... up to my armpits in vacuum cleaner parts, dust rags and Lysol. I think he was actually frightened for a moment.

He attempted to stop me in the middle of my cleaning frenzy, but wisely let me finish after I threatened him with a do-it-yourself colon cleansing using the corner tool of my vacuum cleaner. He was able to (very skillfully) persuade me just to finish the first floor and call it a night. I caved & was in bed not too long after. What can I say? He reminded me that I will have a rainy day to clean on Sunday. And he bribed me with a glass of chocolate milk and the promise of a back massage.

Oh, in knitting news, I finished another pair of baby socks. These are not for Sweet Pea. They are for one of Matt's team members at work. His wife is due just 6 days before me. I don't have pictures yet, because I'm thinking of trying a "companion project" over the weekend to match. The socks are really cute; the colorway really lends itself to itty bitty boy socks.

And, since we all know I can't have nothing on the needles, I went ahead & cast on for a new knit. I'm making the Elefante toy for Tyson. Okay, I'm going to try to make the toy for Tyson. I've never knit a toy before, so we'll have to see how it works out.

Check back in a couple of days. I'll be posting photos of the new baby socks, my progress on Elefante, and maybe even a gratuitous baby-belly shot (since I've had a few requests, and it is quite the vision to behold at this point)!

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