Sunday, January 6, 2008

I've finished knitting two additional Christmas knits!!! (I know, Christmas is over. But I still have a few remaining projects to be completed and shipped out of state. These friends & family members have just come to expect and enjoy a little Christmas cheer in January or February from me...)

I have no pictures because they are currently swishing around my washer, being felted. I'm talking about 2 felted bracelet purses. This makes a total of three completed.

I've got one more to knit. This is the frustrating thing: I should be finished with these. I've actually knitted four. One of them, however, I knit with something from the stash that was missing its ball band. I know it was wool, but I couldn't remember what type or any of its other details. I ignored the nagging idea that I should probably knit & felt a swatch, and just plunged right in. I knitted that purse, put it in the washer with a few towels, and when it came out... it was the same size! Now this doesn't sound too bad, right? Maybe I just make it a slightly larger, unfelted version of the same purse...

Except that when it came out, it looked like a navy blue version of Herry Monster from Sesame Street:

Really shaggy and full of white fuzz. I couldn't fix it, so in the trash it went. Now I have to knit one more... I'm still using a (different) mystery yarn from the stash... but this time I have knitted a swatch and it's in the washer with the two completed purses. Sigh. I guess it was worth it if I learned a lesson, huh?

And now on to some less frustrating stuff:

Will ya look at this adorable hat?

It was a Christmas gift for the (still un-named) baby. It was knitted by my sister, Katie. This is the baby's second knitted gift, and it's so cute! The colors are really bright, and I just can't wait to see it on him!

And now, some humor for your day:

Yes, that's me... rather large, standing on a step stool, tool belt slung low (under the belly), wiring a light fixture in the basement. We did this last weekend & Matt thought it a bit funny to see. (I should mention that the sweater I'm wearing is not my most flattering maternity top... which is why I've taken to wearing it mostly on weekends. It sort of just makes me look fat all over. And do try to ignore my complexion in the photo. It was rather late on a no-makeup sort of day...)

Ah, yes... construction while pregnant. It's presented some challenges (since I no longer bend at the waist very well) and some really hilarious moments (almost getting stuck between two studs while attempting to put up a wall...). I can't lift anything too heavy, and I have been banned from using the serious power tools (like the circular saw) since I've been pretty clumsy & forgetful lately. We don't want me losing any important appendages during all of this. But I'm still swinging hammers, doing wiring, and keeping the project on schedule. If we can keep up this pace, we should be moving in by March 16, which is almost exactly 2 weeks before our due date... We're going to be cutting it close. Very. Close.

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Jennifer said...

Kelly, you are cracking me up with the construction photos!! This reminds me of us remodeling the kitchen last year while I was very pregnant. Did I mention that we still need to paint the kitchen?! oh I wanted to tell you about the "gospel journal" in relation to your resolution to read the bible everyday. The sermon at church today was on studying the bible, so I thought you would enjoy it. They post podcasts of the sermons on their website, Anyway, I thought of you because they had some good ideas for getting something out of the reading. The sermon will probably be posted tonight or tomorrow in case you care to check it out. Happy carpentry work!!