Sunday, January 20, 2008

Has It Really Been That Long?

I suppose it has been a while since I posted last. We've been so busy I've hardly had time to catch my breath (a difficult thing to do with somebody's feet shoved up into your lungs...)!

All of the activity around here hasn't stopped me from knitting. I started out a couple weeks ago by untangling this:
There are actually a few yards that still have to be untangled. I know... I know... why bother, right? Well, I'll tell you why: I really wanted to use this yarn for a project, and although the project is now complete, I can't just put the giant tangly ball aside. I simply can't let this yarn beat me. It's personal now. It. will. not. win.

I used it to make the last of these:

I'm pretty happy with the way these came out. I had a little trouble with some of the yarns felting better than others, but I think the recipients will be pleased.

And, with the completion of these, another Christmas gift is marked off the list! I have now turned my attention to a certain shawl... and a flock of birds. I will definitely have all the Christmas '07 knits completed by the middle of February. I will then take off about two months (to do some baby knits of course!) and will then begin the Christmas '08 knits. I do not want to be this late again next year!

And in other news, the Big Basement Remodel is coming right along. Last weekend we did a little demolition.

We started with this (the stairwell from the first floor):

Then Tyson did some of this:

And we ended up with this:
Try not to notice my maternity jeans air-drying on top of the freezer down there. My laundry room has been torn apart & I've been reduced to covering every flat surface I can find with my non-dryables to get them dry.

Oh, and I'm not normally one to exploit my "delicate condition..." but last week I was guilty of doing just that.

We have these built in plant shelves above our front door in the 2-story entry. (I don't know why they call them "plant shelves;" no one in their right mind would put anything up there that needs regular watering & maintenance!) Anyway, they haven't been dusted in a long time. I won't give you specifics. Just know that I mean it when I say a. long. time.

Well, my nesting urge has taken over and I could no longer stand the thought of all that dust (plus a few dead bugs and some of Tyson's wayward Nerf darts) continuing to live up there. You can see everything very clearly from the second floor landing. I was able to suck Matt into the nesting urge and persuade him to bring in the giant ladder from the garage. Well, not only am I not supposed to pick up heavy things like ladders in my "delicate condition," but I am also not supposed to be climbing tall things like ladders. So my dear sweet hubby also hauled out the shop-vac, climbed the ladder and cleaned all that nastiness off the shelves!

Not only that, but he even washed the inside and outside of that window (which meant also climbing onto the roof of our front porch!). He did all of this just for me... even though we could have had nuclear waste hanging around up there & he probably wouldn't have noticed. (Consequently, I don't fault him for this. He's not pregnant. AND he's a guy. They just don't notice stuff like dust, bugs and filthy windows.)

Happy Knitting!

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