Thursday, November 8, 2007

You Can Run...

...but you can't hide!

Yes, my knitty friends, it is that time of year again. This Saturday is the greatest holiday of the year. Well, I guess it's not an official "holiday," but to us it is. The State of Missouri will open the 2007 Deer Season this Saturday morning, exactly one half-hour before sunrise.

I am so excited, I might just go into labor! That was totally a joke. This baby had better NOT make an early arrival. Deer season comes but once a year, and lasts a scant 8 days.

My awesomely warm insulated pants do not fit right now. Well, they fit, but I can't get them zipped or buttoned, so I have to buy a pair of suspenders tomorrow morning. I will still be wearing them , of course, since it gets really cold out in the forest this time of year, and I HATE to be cold. Thankfully, my bright orange parka does still fit, so I should be pretty good to go.

Tomorrow is exciting for a bunch of reasons. Not only are we leaving for the "deer woods," but we have our ultrasound and checkup appointments. We will go first to the ultrasound, where we hope to find out what we are having. We're taking Ty with us, since it's his baby too. Then we will head over to the doc's office for the monthly weigh-in & check up. Oh, and I'll have to pee in the cup. Don't you just LOVE that part? Then Matt & I will be taking Ty to school, packing up the car & heading out.

To stalk, shoot at, and hopefully bag us a Bambi.

Don't be mad at me. I know, I know. They are beautiful, majestic and gentle creatures. I get that. I always get a little sad about the thought of killing one. But our state is currently in danger of being overrun by them, and that leads to a fate even worse than being shot. At least being shot is quick & mostly painless... If their population becomes too large, our forests won't be able to support them. They will end up perishing, en mass, by disease, starvation, or automobile. We are simply doing our part to control the population.

Also, did I mention the summer sausage & deer chili? Mmmmm.

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REBECCA said...

So? Are you going to post the u/s results, or just leave us all out here in Blogland in limbo??? =)