Thursday, April 12, 2007

There has been a LOT of crafting going on around here. Unfortunately, I don't really have the photos to back up that statement. I will fix that situation soon... when I have a few more FO's to share. In the mean time, I do have a few pics.

I know, I know... I am a one-project knitter. Some of you may be wondering where the Veste Evereste has gone.

Well, It hasn't gone anywhere. I have finished the front and have about two inches of the back completed. I feel a little unfaithful for having started the sock (see below), but I needed a portable project to work on while attending this:

I actually had to take a lot of notes in the sessions I attended, but the sock came in really handy in the hours before the two sessions that I presented. I'm a nervous knitter. I am calmed by my knitting and definitely needed some fiber therapy to help calm my nerves before lecturing.

Here she is:

Yay for Yarntini! I took this photo last week. I've actually done quite a bit more since then... sort of. Well, I've knitted a lot more, though you can hardly tell because I have been ripping back almost as much as I have been knitting.

I decided that this luscious yarn needed a pattern to really show off the stripe. And I think I picked a really good one! This pattern, however, has a "forethought heel."This is the author's "spin" on the afterthought heel. It was confusing & cumbersome at first, but I quickly caught on. Unfortunately, I neglected to mark my pattern for size when I started it & when I did the provisional cast on I did so with 22 stitches. The pattern required 33. R-I-P.

On my second go I picked up all the stitches backward & got so flustered that I completely messed up the decreases. RR-II-PP.

On the third try I forgot to let the leg yarn rest & pull from the other end of the skein. RRRIIIPPP. (What can I say? It was Knit Nite, there was hot chocolate & gossip...)

I'm now on my fourth try & so far it's going well. Hopefully I will get this heel done a some point in my lifetime.

And in other news...


This yarn was in a basket. Now, in retrospect, it might not have been the wisest decision to place said basket under the window in my bedroom. It's just that I had all this really great sock yarn... and I wanted it nearby... to touch and admire whenever I need to take the edge off.

I am confident that the perpetrators were not moths as I have seen none of the little buggers flitting around the house. So, I cried a little (because of course the little bastards passed up the sock yarn that I am simply fond of and went straight for my absolute favorite!) and then put the whole mess in the deep-freeze in the basement. It's still there.

And I made Hubby spray pesticide all around the house, windows, etc. He was not as sympathetic as i would have hoped, but he sprayed anyway.

I bought a new book.

I had a few book store gift cards burning a hole in my underwear drawer. I dug them out & cashed them in... I got this book exactly a week ago & I've hardly been able to put it down. I'm almost done reading it already! It's hilarious and quite educational. I've learned much about our Knitting culture... and about myself as a citizen of Knitting. I highly recommend picking up this little gem.

So, how was your Easter? Ours was great! Here a a few photos:

The annual egg-dying party. It was a little less messy this year, though (as you can tell from the photo) some of the eggs didn't make it through the process intact.

LilMan had a great time hunting for his eggs (which the "Easter Bunny" hid at 4:30 a.m. on Easter morning).

LilMan left a snack for the Easter Bunny. He made a lettuce sandwich & bread sticks snack all by himself. The Easter Bunny ate some of it, and left a very crumby mess...

Well, that's about it for now. I'm hoping to finish up a few items this weekend. Have a great day!


Zarah said...

Was the yarn in a wicker-type basket? Maybe it just got snagged or something... or could it be that the yarn came home from the store like that? (I had a moth care recently, but in retrospect I've decided that I majorly overreacted.)

Anonymous said...


what critter ate the yarn.

Tubs...with lots of lavender. they hate the lavender...

Love the yarntini! sooooo cute!
Finished my first sock - yarntini!

Beth said...

Hi Kelly! Love that sock - it's gorgeous!!! What pattern are you doing? I may have to get me some of that yarntini.

Didja figure out what got to your yarn? What a shame. That really sucks.

Looks like LilMan had a great Easter. My girls colored the eggs for their egghunt too. Such fun!

iSeL said...

A whole in your yarn?! Are you kidding me? That is preposterous. I'm sorry.

The Yarntini sock looks great.
Fun times with the eggs. I don't remember ever doing that.

IndigoMuse said...

Thanks for stopping by and offering to knit for the Hokies. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sheeps next week :)