Sunday, June 22, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, at the moment, it grows... just barely.

After 4 years, I have finally figured out how to keep the rabbits from eating my garden before it has a chance to grow. I have tried bird nets, fences, moth balls... And this year I got this:
And it works. I have had no damage from rabbits whatsoever! Unfortunately, the stuff stinks to high Heaven when you first spray it, and it's terribly difficult to wash the odor off skin. (I do now smell fresh as a daisy, though I had to scrub my hands till they were raw.)

Now I just have to keep the dogs out of the garden. Roscoe dug up most of my peppers, some of my peas & carrots and all of my spinach. Enos trampled some of the corn and all of the tomatoes. Most of it has been re-planted, and I can now only hope that they will grow fast enough for a harvest before the first freeze in October/November.

Hmm... so, this is what I've got (from top to bottom): a half-row of peppers and a half-row of spinach; some little cucumber pants; and my green beans (of the bush-bean variety).
And here we have: Corn (on the left), and from the top down: tomatoes, peas and carrots.
Here is my first attempt at onions:
They will be the green variety, if they can grow in a pot. I planted 2 big pots of them, so we'll see. My asparagus up and died on me already. *Sigh. I'll have to try that again next year.

I do so love growing my own produce. With the rising price of food, it's nice to know that (although I'm putting in more time) I'm saving the family money. Ty enjoys helping me out there, too, so it's a great "quality time" activity. I also like that I know exactly how my produce was grown. I do not (for the most part) use pesticides. The rabbit-repel is sprayed in a big circle around that area of the yard... far from the plants. I have occasionally had to use a pesticide to save the green beans from bean bugs, but I try not to.

And, for the most part I don't use fertilizer. I don't have a good compost station yet, but I do keep a small bucket (with a lid) in my refrigerator. In it I put compost material and when it gets full I spread it among the plants.

Speaking of plants, I have the nicest looking pot of clover...

I know it seems odd, since most people consider this to be a weed. It is "volunteer" clover, and I almost pulled it out of the pot, but I have to tell you that it looks really nice all mounded up like that. And it's getting buds on it, so soon it will have small delicate flowers growing among the little heart shaped leaves. Again, I have to ask: who decided that all flowers not intentionally planted are weeds? And furthermore, why should they be removed? If they're pretty (like the clover) and not taking nutrients & water from other plants (like the clover), why mot leave them (like the clover!!)?

We had a really pretty sky yesterday and today. Between periods of rain, we had beautiful blue skies with big, puffy clouds.

Have a happy Monday!!!

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Tamara said...

I wonder if that rabbit repel would work on squirrels? That's our challenge. My dd is the main gardener in the house, and do I ever love her for it! Fresh tomatoes and peppers and cukes can't be beat! Makes me glad for such a l-o-n-g growing season in SC :)