Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Little Side-Tracked

So, I've been a bit side-traked lately. I haven't updated my knit-blog because there hasn't been much knitting going on here. Gasp! I know, I know... it's awful. But it hasn't been entirely my fault. There are two main reasons for my sudden lack of knitting.
This is one:

This is the Nintendo Wii, and it has me in its evil grasp. I am totally addicted to Zelda. The Wii sits... in the entertainment center... calling my name. I am powerless to resist its siren~song.

Okay, that's a lame excuse... I'll give you that. The real reason I haven't been knitting much is that I've been exhausted by the end of most days. We've had a bit of a home improvement project. Long days of physical labor, added to the stress of living in a house that looks like a bomb went off in it have left a completely exhausted me at the end of each day.
So, you wanna see what I'm blabbing about? Okay... here it is.
This is what we started with:

And here are the "during" photos:

And here are the "after" photos:

This is a floating floor. It's manufactured flooring... we considered real hardwood, but decided that with LilMan and two insane dogs, it wouldn't survive. This is the stuff that the salesman runs his keys across and sets on fire when he's selling it to you.
It has made a HUGE difference in our house. We put the new floor in the hallway, living room and dining room. It has completely opened the house up; it feels bigger.
But, of course, it was difficult for a few weeks to go through the daily routine with the entire first floor of our house in chaos. I'm happy to report that order has been restored. And I love it!
I just have one more bit of news to report today.
LilMan started T-Ball this morning! We signed him up for the instructional class before having him try the League. This is his first organized-sport experience, so we weren't sure how he'd do. I'm happy to report that he had a blast. He did a pretty good job of listening and paying attention to "Coach Alex," and got to practice his throwing, grounding and hitting off a Tee (which he had never done before). He loved it and can't wait to go back again next week!
Well, thanks for stopping by the new blog. I feel completely inept at using the features on it, but at least this one works consistently. The Blog-Sucky-City site was not working again today. I'm going to play work on making this blog everything I want it to be so I can DUMP Blog-Sucky-City.
Does anybody know how to get gutters on this thing? Personalize my colors so I don't have to use a template? Post my own banner at the top? Ugh... so many new things to learn...I'm sure I'll be wrestling with this for weeks to come.
Well, have a great weekend!


kate said...

Jason and I are putting that type of floor in our basement room. Hope it wasn't too hard to do.

I hear you on being dog tired. We've put so much time into finishing our basement room at the house that the apartment is in shambles and I have no energy left to clean it.

The floor looks great!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow! The floor looks awesome!!! I'm so jealous!!!

Good for you for dumping Blog-sucky! I don't know all the technicalities...but if you fool around with settings you should be able to find how to do the gutters and stuff. It's been so long since I've set mine up that I forgot how to do I can't change them now! LOL

Glad to hear LilMan likes T guy hated it when his bio mom forced him to do it last year. He's more content to fish with a stick rather than hit a ball with one!

IndigoMuse said...

Welcome to your new blogger digs. Hope that this space works better for you than the other one.

Love your new floor!


Donna said...

Hi Kelly! Your floor looks awesome! How did you manage to get the Wii? I've been trying to get it for my daughter and noone has it! Looking forward to seeing you at MDS&W : ) The countdown is on!