Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crafty Creations - a Carnival!

This post is a lot later in the day than I had hoped. I had planned to write it right after breakfast, but then my dogs did battle with a groundhog (& lost) and there was blood to clean up, wounds to attend, and a vet to go see.

Thankfully all is well. Just a few scrapes. And two bruised K9 ego's.

And I have a few minutes to share with you something that is totally cute and crafty!

Over at MADE, they do some pretty amazing stuff, and last month they celebrated the BOY. It was all boy craftiness all month long. (If you have a boy, then you know that sewing and crafting projects for them are usually in short supply.)

My favorite thing of the month was freezer paper stenciling (which really could be great for a girl or a boy, depending on whether you go with something like frogs or something like flowers).

Here's the link for the original freezer paper stencil post.

And here's another example of the same idea.

(photo borrowed from MADE)

I cannot wait for the school year to end so that I will have a little more time for crafty stuff. I really think this is a great idea that could save us a little money on clothes and would definitely be a fun activitiy for my 7 year old. I'm sure he will enjoy making requests for various sayings & pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to deliver!

Plus, who knew freezer paper could be so very awesome?

For more Crafty Creations, visit the very sweet Maddielynn!


Kara said...

Those are so neat! I'm going to go check these out. And I enjoyed looking around your blog:)

MaddieLynn said...

Thanks for entering my carnival!