Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It Took Me Long Enough...

At least, it seems like it did. I finished Sweet Pea's Blanket! It turns out that it took me as long to finish making the blanket as it took for me to finish making the baby... 9 months.

I'm very, very happy with it.
So, what did you do for Independence Day?

Ty & I made this:
It's a "Coke Cake." We made it using a cake mix (two, actually) and a can of diet Coke (two, actually)... and boy was it yummy! We made the cake for a big family BBQ. I was bummed that my sisters couldn't make it, but most of Matt's family came, my dad & step mom came, and our friend Steph & her parents came.
There was a little baseball watching, a little knitting, a few fireworks and a lot of eating. Tyson overcame a fear and did something he's ever done before. He actually held some sparklers... and enjoyed it!

And Riley? Well, of course, he didn't get to hold a sparkler, but he did dress up for the occasion. He started the day by paying homage to our armed forces: And later he changed into a red, white & blue outfit. (I apparently missed getting a photo of the second outfit..).

On Saturday we took advantage of the unseasonable cool weather and took the boys for a picnic at the park.

After we ate, Matt & Ty played a little Frisbee. Ty's a natural. He can catch & throw the Frisbee better than I can!
And while the big boys played Frisbee, Riley & I relaxed on the blanket.
We had a wonderful three day weekend. It was slow paced, quiet and relaxing.


Natalie said...

Love the pictures! Funny how kids get with fireworks!

Tamara said...

The blanket looks great! Congrats on finishing it!!