Friday, October 12, 2007

A Week of Endings...

Before we get to the part about this week's endings, I have a baby update!
I went to the doctor this morning and he say that everything looks great! My weight, blood pressure, etc. are all looking good. And Sweet Pea gave us a good, strong heart beat (149 bpm) and was apparently doing the cha-cha in there.. we could hear lots of movement.

Although I am still incredibly tired, my nausea is totally gone. And, I'm learning to get as much done as I can early in the day, because otherwise stuff doesn't get done. I'm so tired by mid-afternoon that I have to force myself to do even the simplest of tasks (finishing paperwork, cooking dinner, standing upright..). So, everything is going well so far.

We have our detailed ultrasound scheduled for November 9, and that's when we'll find out if we have a boy or girl. I am happy to have either. I love being the mother of a boy, and another would be great! But, it would be interesting to have a girl, too. I suspect my MIL is secretly hoping for a girl since all of the children in her family are boys. She has three sons & a bunch of nephews... I'm certain she would l-o-v-e a grand-daughter.

I'm going to go on record right now and say this:

I think this baby is a girl.

I cannot explain why I think this, but I do. Again, I will be happy no matter what. But I think it's a girl.
Now, onto the Endings that I mentioned in the title.

For some reason, this has seemed like a week of endings.

Up first, I finished the Lattice Socks. The eye strain of cabling on size 1 needles is at an end!

I know, I know. I'm a knitter. A FO shouldn't be all that rare, but around here... FO's have been few and far between.

Pattern: Lattice Socks. I based the pattern on Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe.
Yarn: I think it came from Knit Picks... Heather & I dyed it over MS&W weekend, 2006
Needles: 2 - Size 1 circulars.
Pattern Notes: I'm not sure I can take credit for "writing" this pattern. As I said, the basic pattern came from Yarn Harlot's recipe, and I found the Lattice Stripe in my stitch dictionary. I added 2 seed stitch stripes and a few ribs for extra texture, though.
Comments: I sort of imagined that the legs would be a little taller, but if I had added any length to the legs I probably wouldn't have finished them until 2008!

All in all, I'm happy with these socks. They turned out pretty much exactly as I had hoped.
There were other endings as well:

Roscoe (named after the sheriff in the Dukes of Hazard) has had a thing growing on his ear for about 6 weeks. It seemed to not really bother him, except for a little itching now & then, but it was gross! We had the vet take a look at it after it became obvious that this thing was only getting bigger. It was a melanoma. I had no idea that dogs could get skin cancer.

He went in to have it removed on Tuesday, and hopefully his skin cancer ordeal is at an end. For now, he's a little funny looking since they had to shave part of his ear.

Doesn't he look annoyed at the indignity of having only half of only one of his ears shaved? Maybe they should have shaved the top half of the other one... then it would be ike a rebellious K9 fashion statement!


And, the saddest ending of all: My cat, Shadow had to move into a new home this morning. She has been my faithful companion for ten years, but it was time for her to go. She's been living in our unfinished basement since I got pregnant because the last time I was pregnant she peed all over our first floor carpet (and my husband's hockey gear). Since we just replaced the floors this spring, we couldn't take the risk that she'd freak out & starting peeing all over again.

So, she's been in solitary, downstairs... with only a brief daily visit from me. She's actually a pretty social cat, so I didn't think it was fair to her. Also, Hubby has been quite surly about having to scoop the litter box since I got pregnant. So, in order to smooth the turbulence with Hubby and give Shadow a better home, I relinquished custody of her to my intern. I know that she'll be happy with Intern Katie after she adjusts to the change. She's probably already forgotten all about me... though it will take me a lot longer for me to stop missing her. I think the pregnancy hormones are not helping with this, since I tend to be a bit teary-eyed over the silliest things anyway.

Overall, it's been a good week. Busy and productive and now I'm ready for the weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the Lattice...-

I am hoping for a girl...but secretly I think it's a boy.

Hoping to knit for a girl! :)hee

sorry to hear about the kitty...but at least she'll be LOVED!

Mary said...

You are so freaking cute! I can barely stand it. ;)