Monday, August 27, 2007

A Good Company... and a [Mostly] FO

I have to give big Kudos to Crystal Palace! Remember a few weeks ago when I had that unfortunate needle incident? The needle pulled right out of the join & when I tried to glue it back together (as I had the other pair the day I bought them) I ended up with a gap that the yarn keeps getting stuck in...

I was reading the blogs a few weeks ago and This Blogger was so helpful as to do the leg work to find out the replacement policy for all the major needle companies after she had a similar needle incident. I went ahead and emailed the company & a very nice representative (Andy) got right on it and sent me not one, but two new sets of needles.

They arrived today, just in time to knit up part two of one of the Mystery Projects.

So, thank you to Crystal Palace for standing behind your product! ANd thank you to Andy for taking care of it so quickly!
Speaking of Mystery Projects, I have an updates.

I give you the Lattice Stripe Sock:

And a close-up of the lattice stripe:
Of course, this is only the first sock. I still have to knit the other one. This lattice stripe takes a long time to knit. Although I found the lattice stripe in my trusty stitch dictionary, the sock pattern is my own.

Which brings me to a small challenge I am faced with. I didn't really write down the pattern for the entire leg. I just sort of know that there is a lattice stripe down each side, and there are a couple of ribs and a stripe of seed stitch down the front and the back. I'm not entirely confident that these two socks are going to match all that well... I guess we'll see if I can figure out what I did with the first one!

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